Credits - prepaid accounts

Are you under a heavy workload? Do you not have enough time for vacation, but are fully aware of the fact that if you wish to continue being successful, you have to learn to relax in the moments you have free? The ideal way to ensure frequent relaxation is to purchase massage credits at TAWAN.

We have prepared respective discounts based on the amount you purchased. All you have to do is to enjoy the unforgettable moments of relaxation, smiles, peace and calm.

Pay Get
400 EUR arrow 500 EUR
600 EUR arrow 800 EUR
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  • More you pay means higher your discount
  • Choose whoever you wish to have an access to your credit
  • Online reservations available 24/7

Where to buy
Credits are available in all TAWAN centers or you can purchase gift vouchers online here and transfer the amount to your credit later.

The credits can be used by you or whoever you wish to do so, including your family, friends and close ones. The higher the amount, the higher the discount not only for you, but those you choose to go instead or with you.

We truly value our customers and hence why we approach them in line with their individual needs and desires. Do not hesitate and ask us and based on the frequency of your visits, you will be entitled to your individual discount. We will gladly arrive at a mutually agreed price.