Your first visit


Reserve your massage in advance and you will prevent any possible let-downs. We will therefore be better suited to meet your wishes and needs.

Before the massage begins

Please do not eat just before undergoing our massage. With a full stomach, you will not be able to fully enjoy and we will be forced to skip massaging the stomach area for example. We recommend coming to our massage center about 10 minutes before the actual procedure so that you would be able to enjoy it from the beginning all the way until the end. Feel free to use our showers or refresh yourself with our tea, which is available free of charge throughout your stay.

Your health

Please let us know about any health limitations you may have, we will choose the best for you ensuring comfort and limiting any possible risks. Massage is not recommended when suffering from a fever, or if you have suffered serious injuries/fractures. If you are not sure about your health, please consult your doctor. We have to mention that unfortunately we take no responsibility for any deterioration of health, because we are not able to diagnose in detail your current health status. You can also consult your worries either by emailing or by calling (+421) 948 632 532. Please rest assured all information will be kept confidential.

Before the massage

Our employees are there to assist you at all times. Do not hesitate using this opportunity in case you have any questions or would need more information. We will adjust your massage based on your preferences and request. If you would like a softer or harder massage, please let us know. We are here for you...
You can also use our shower rooms, which you can use before and after the massage.

Quiet environment

In order to ensure utmost comfort for you and others in our centers, we would like to ask you to please mute your mobile phones including vibrations and to limit potential conversations to the minimum.


If you are at the very start of your pregnancy, you can undergo virtually any massage we offer. However, as the pregnancy progresses, you should make sure that the massage focuses on the back muscles, spine, on the neck or your legs. Foot massage is not recommended during pregnancy. Massage carried out in line with your phase of pregnancy will lower the levels of stress, strengthen your immunity and ensure a better flow of nutrients through the blood stream and to the baby. Soon before giving birth and six weeks after the birth (puerperium), Thai massage is not suitable. We will gladly welcome you with our Healthy Mom massage after the period passes. This massage will have a positive and beneficial impact on your body.

What to leave in storage?

For a perfect experience all the time, we recommend leaving your watches and jewellery behind. You can use our storage facility at the reception or in the individual massage rooms. If you order the Classic Thai or Royal Thai massages, please undress and change into the special loose clothes which you will find on the massage bed. Lay down on your belly on the bed and wait for the therapist to arrive. We also recommend changing into these loose clothes if you have ordered Foot massage. You will feel much more comfortable. Before undergoing a massage of the face, we recommend removing any contact lenses. With oil massages or those which involve peeling or wraps, we recommend undressing entirely, including your underwear. You can use our one-off underwear, which we have ready for you in each of our massage rooms. Before the therapist arrives, lay down on the massage bed and cover yourself with a towel, which is always available for you.

During the massage

During the massage, breather normally and relax. We recommend keeping your eyes closed and to relax as much as you can to ensure that you truly enjoy your massage. Deep relaxation can result in you falling asleep and do not hesitate and enjoy it! Please let our therapist know if you do not like something or find something uncomfortable. We are glad about any feedback we receive and our masseuses are ready to adjust the intensity of your massage using the following words:
SOFT – you are requesting a softer massage
STRONG – you are requesting a stronger/more intense massage

After the massage

We will offer you a nice cup of equisite green or ginger tea. Do not hurry. In our centers, you can relax according to your wishes and you can have the massage experience slowly subside. If you were not happy about something during the course of the massage, please do not hesitate and let us know accordingly. It is our mission to make sure that all wishes are met. Please let us know if you were not satisfied so that we could further improve our services.
If you would like to write to us, please use the following email:


If you decide to cancel your planned massage, please do so as soon as possible so that we could offer your time slot to some other client. We do not charge any cancellation fees at our centers and would therefore by happy if you would not forget to inform us in case you would need to cancel your visit. We will look forward to your next visit.