Brand history

Tawan means Sun in Thai. The shining Sun whose rays of light chase even our worries in a soul away. Under the healing rays of sun all beings unbend themselves. We would like you to experience live-giving warm, amiable atmosphere and scent of the Orient, which restores your life energy. Behind our doors you will be enchanted by warm smiles and gentle touch of Thai therapists. We will make the stress and rush to go away.

Enter the realm of Tawan Thai massage centers

Our mission is to bring you happiness, relax your mind, heal your soul and revitalize your body. We brought the tradition and art of distant Thailand, the country famous as the cradle of massages, here to the heart of Europe. So let yourself to be lured by the renowned Thai kindness. Let yourself to be taken away by the scent of orchid and sandalwood. Let yourself to have the same luxury as Thai people for whom the massage is a part of everyday life.

The masseuse skills are inherited from generation to generation. It is an art and philosophy at the same time. It is a life style and unique blessing. It belongs to Thailand as well as the fragrance of sacrificial flowers on golden statuettes in ancient temples, the plaintive tones of compelling music, or the yellow robes of omnipresent Buddhist monks.

Even at the beginning of the 21. century the Thai traditions are still alive. Buddhism is still pulsing in the hearts of Thai people and their everyday life is combination of the physical and spiritual dimension of massages even today.

Once you enter the Thai World of our Tawan centers you will experience how attentive and gentle care can uplift your spirit and awake all your senses.